Who we are

Cllr Vicky Lipscombe - Kettel


Vicky was elected Mayor in May 2023. As Ex-officio, Vicky sits on every Committee. Vicky also leads the Town Council Youth Steering Group.

Cllr Marcus Stroud

Deputy Mayor

Marcus was elected as Deputy Mayor in may 2023. As ex oficio Marcus sits on every committee. Marcus is also our tree warden.

Cllr Jennie Sanford

Cllr Jennie Sanford is on the Works and Events, Finance and Staffing Commitees. Jennie is the Town Council representative on the Patients Participation Group for Hilary Cottage Surgery and the Fairford Community Centre (FCC) Management Committee and is a FCC Trustee. Jennie is a member of the Town Council led Access to the Countryside Group

Cllr Adie Baker

Adie was elected to the Town Council in May 2023. Adie is on the Works and Events Committee

Cllr Richard Harrison

Richard is Chair of the Planning Committee. Richard is also on the Fairford Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

Cllr Simon O'Connell

Cllr Simon C'Connell is on the Works and Events Committee. Simon is working on the environmental challenges for the Town Council, in particular EV charging points.

Cllr Tom Dutton

Cllr Sandra Rymer

Cllr Sandra Rymer is on the Planning and the Finance Committee.

Cllr Colin Foxall

Cllr Colin Foxall is Chair of both the Staffing and Procedures Committees, he also sits on the Finance and Planning Committees. Colin is also the Council's link with the Ernest Cook Trust.

Cllr Chris Roberts

Cllr Chris Roberts is on the Works and Events Committee. She is also the Town Council representative on the Palmer Hall Committee, Ernest Cook Trust link and Airbase Link.

Cllr Derek Thornhill

Cllr Derek Thornhill is on the Planning Committee and the staffing Committee. Derek is also leading on the multi-use footpath project.

Cllr Tim Lafford

Tim joined the Council in May.

Cllr Maria Shankland

Maria joined the Council in May

Deputy Clerk - Roz Morton

Deputy Clerk

Roz has lived in Fairford since 2011 when she moved here from London. Roz has two children who attend Farmor School in Fairford. She has been the Deputy Clerk since 2012.

Town Clerk & RFO - Vanessa Lawrence

Town Clerk & RFO

Vanessa Lawrence has lived in Fairford since 1981, moving here from London. Living and working in Fairford, firstly at Busby's Garage, until 1986, then at Hilary Cottage surgery for 12 years and Carterton surgery for 2 years before finally taking on the role of Town Clerk & RFO in 2006.

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