Fairford Town Council has a number of on-going projects all aimed to improve the lives of residents and visitors.


fairford transport plan

Cllr Maria Shankland is leading on this project to improve various aspects of the transport and travel infrastructure in and around Fairford.  This is an evolving plan and will be updated regularly.

Fairford Town Transport Plan V11 May 2023


Cllrs Colin Foxall, Chris Roberts & Derek Thornhill are leading on this project.  The Town Council's current burial ground has only a few spaces available for cremated remains.  We have been seeking land to create a new burial ground and work is in progress to finalise details for a plot close to the current site and is only suitable for cremated remains.  More information to follow (June 2022)


At the start of the project Cllrs Steve Boulton, Phil Bird, Andy Doherty and Vicky Lipscombe-Kettel were involved with moving this forward, due to high demand from children and parents alike.  Following consultation with the Ernest Cook Trust to seek permission to extend the current skate park area and subsequent public consultation and final approval from the ECT.  Work commenced to seek the funding required for such a major project.  A combination of funds raised via Crowdfunding, and other sources and council funding, the target figure was reached.  Work commenced in April  and was completed by the end of June.  The opening ceremony will take place on Sunday 6th August.  Thank you to all those that supported this project.

Access to the Countryside

This is a multi-agency working group with an aim to improve access to our local countryside for people of all abilities.  Some of the work we are doing is to resurface footpaths, remove unnecessary stiles and gates, improve signage and increase the number of dropped kerbs in the town.  The Town Council is working alongside landowners, Gloucestershire Highways & Public Rights of Way, Thames Water, Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust (Wild Towns Project) and FWAG (WILD project). 

Please click below to download the Water Vole survey.

C122 Fairford water vole survey report September 2018 (v2)

C122 Fairford water vole monitoring survey 2019

C122 Fairford water vole monitoring survey 2020

C122 Fairford water vole monitoring survey 2021

Vision Statement from Wild Towns Project


The ERDF Wild Towns Project will improve access for the people of Fairford and its visitors to greenspaces around the town and improve greenspaces for wildlife. Through ERDF Wild Towns, the path running along the banks of the River Coln will be regraded, making it accessible to all throughout the year. The Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group will also be carrying out river bank restoration along stretches of the path that have been identified to ensure bank stability and habitat for various riparian plants and animals. This idyllic stretch of river plays host to Water Voles, Kingfisher and Otters. To improve this habitat, works will be happening to the south of the path, this will involve pollarding willows to reduce overshading of the river and marginal vegetation planting which will provide food and shelter to the water voles.

The project will be installing a sensory garden and wildflower meadow areas in the Walnut field. This will be somewhere for people to have all their senses stimulated, providing sounds, smells, visuals and tastes. This will be a great area for parents to take their children to immerse them in nature.

Along with these new features there will be a variety of other works that will be taking place in and around the town. This will involve ditch restoration around the Northern edge of Fairford along with hedge restoration to go with this to improve the habitat for birds, mammals and invertebrates. Bat and Barn Owl boxes will also be installed around the town, providing roosting and nesting opportunities to strengthen their populations in the area. Town centre greening will also take place, this will involve the installation of flower beds, pots and raised bed around the town to make this picturesque town even more colourful.

Wild Towns Fairford comms greening 2021

Neighbourhood Development PLan

To find out more about the Fairford Neighbourhood Development plan please visit:

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