Neighbourhood Plan

Fairford Neighbourhood Plan – Update May 2023

Thank you Fairford!

The Fairford Neighbourhood Plan was accepted in the Referendum on 4th May by an overwhelming majority of 90%. So many thanks to the 1,097 of you who voted for the Plan. The Town Council and the Steering Group have worked for over ten years to prepare this Plan which will direct housing to sustainable areas and protect our green spaces and heritage. The Plan will be a valuable tool in dealing with planning applications and will allow Fairford to receive the Community Infrastructure Levy from developers.

Fairford is a great place to be and this Plan will help protect it.

The Town Council would like to thank the current Steering Group of: Margaret Bishop and Jon Hill (Joint chairs), Sarah Basley, Richard Harrison, Andrew Doherty and Jennie Sanford.

As well as all those who have worked on the plan over the years: Malcolm Cutler, Caroline Symcox, Alison Hobson, Lizzie Garthwaite, Tim Francis, Suzanne Jones and Neil Homer from O’Neill Homer.

A special thanks must go to Roz Morton, Deputy Town Clerk, who made sure that everyone did the work necessary to produce the Plan.

Jon Hill, Joint Chair.

Fairford Neighbourhood Plan Made 5 June 2023



Consultation Statement (v2.1.1)

Fairford NP HRA_April 2022

Fairford NP Sustainability Appraisal incorp Strategic Environmental Assessment

Fairford NP2_Basic Conditions Statement_August 2022

Landscape and Local Green Space study Feb 2022

Evidence Base – FNP4 Supporting Evidence (v1.2)

Evidence Base NDHA

Evidence Base – Fairford Neighbourhood Plan 2016 – Examiner’s report

Evidence – Fairford Character & Design Assessment Sept 2022

Evidence Base – August 2020 Newsletter

Evidence Base – Coln House HERITAGE_STATEMENT__OCT_2020_-1535011

Evidence Base – Coln House Playing fields archaeology advice

Evidence Base – Helix Transport appraisal report January 2016

Evidence Base – Natural England SSSI designation of Cotswold Water Parks

Evidence Base – Place Studio Town Centre workshop report Dec 2015

Evidence Base Project WILD maps

Evidence Base WILD Project Fairford Parish River Management Plan

Evidence Base WRA Hydrology Study Final Report 06.11.18

Fairford Flyer Extra No 11 June 2020

Fairford Flyer Extra No 12 July 2020   

Atkins GCC Groundwater Intermediate Assessment for South Cotswold District [Report]. – April 2015.

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