Emergency Action Group

The Town Council has set up a Community Emergency Plan. Whilst emergencies don’t really happen that frequently, when they do, the impact can be very serious. Most emergencies affecting communities will be dealt with by the Emergency Services, but if  there is a delay in their arrival, or the scale of the situation means their provision is stretched, then we want to ensure our community has a plan in place. That way, we can organise things to respond quickly and effectively and help the Emergency Services as needed.

We are publishing the plan today for everyone to read and familiarise themselves with so that we as a community are all better prepared should an emergency needing our community plan occur. We would like to draw your attention to page 2 where you will find a link to a very useful “Are you Ready” booklet with lots of tips for making sure you own home is well prepared.

A key resource to make this plan work is of course the help that residents and people who work in Fairford can offer. If you can offer your services to help with the plan with anything from spare accommodation to a 4×4 you may have please could you email clerks@fairfordtowncouncil.gov.uk and let them know. If you have any ideas on how to improve the plan please email the Clerks.

Click below to download the community Emergency Plan.

CEP updated Jan 2024 redacted version

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