Statement regarding Sewer and Flooding Issues

Statement re Sewer and Flooding Issues

Many residents have been expressing concern about continued sewer flooding and river pollution issues – including the news that Fairford Sewage Treatment Works has passed the milestone of 1000 hours continuous ‘storm discharging’ for a second time.  The main cause of these problems is the high ground water levels in the area due to the wet winter we have just had, combined with leaky sewers.

Please be assured that Fairford Town Council has been extremely active in addressing these problems.  Following the last Area Flood Meeting in November, we have got a Multi-Agency Working Group set up with the support of our M.P., chaired by the responsible CDC Cabinet Member and involving their Lead Flood Risk Management Officer, Thames Water, the Environment Agency and the Lead Local Flood Authority (GCC) as well as ourselves and representatives of Kempsford Parish Council.  The purpose of this group is to receive regular reports on the issues and pursue the development and timely implementation of full and lasting solutions.

At the second meeting of this group on Monday (25th March), we received a presentation from the Senior Project Engineer for the Fairford STW uprating project, involving an approx 50% uprating of the treatment capacity as well as a power supply uprating and new storm and settling tanks, which Thames Water intends to complete by April/June 2027.  There is obviously considerable political pressure to make sure that this happens.  Further sewer investigations are also planned, as soon as ground water levels permit, with a view to additional sewer lining or replacement to reduce water ingress.  We will be reporting back on progress at the next Area Flood Meeting on 26th April, and our next meeting is scheduled for June.

We hope this helps to reassure you that we are actively working on this issue and that we are focused on getting real solutions, even if we are not making a lot of noise about it (which could distract from real progress).

Cllr Richard Harrison

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