Lake 104 Footpaths

On this page you will be able to find the most up to date information on the footpaths around Lake 104.

24th October 2023

Latest update from the developer:

You may be aware that we have approval for the closure of the PROW between points A & C on the attached for a short time to instal some drainage.  Our groundworker has given us the below update:

“Milestone are looking to close the first half of the footpath closure on Monday 30th October for a 2 week period all being well hoping to lead straight on to the second half of closure to make the connection to the mains at Cinder Lane this section a 4 week closure approx . But just in case of issue we’d allow a little wiggle room so full reopening of footpath on Monday 18th December.”

This has been conveyed to the PROW officer who is updating the notices.  Once received these will be displayed as required.

BFA 30 Order Plan


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