Fairford Preschool

From September 2018 Fairford Pre-School is amalgamating with Fairford Primary School.  This means that we will be governed by the school rather than a voluntary parent committee.  We will be moving temporarily into a classroom within the school while a new pre-school is built within an extension of the primary school.  All children are welcome to attend Fairford Pre-School whether they intend applying to Fairford Primary School or another primary school in the local area.

Children are encouraged to join in a range of interesting activities and are educated following the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Politeness, manners and consideration for others are important and children are encouraged to perform tasks which stretch their abilities and improve their self confidence.

We were awarded good in all areas in our most recent Ofsted inspection Ofsted report June 2018.

Fairford Pre-School, The Park, Leafield Road, Fairford, GL7 4JQ

Telephone number: 01285 712543 extension 210.

Email:  preschool.admin@fairford.gloucs.sch.uk or preschool@fairford.gloucs.sch.uk (Manager)


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